Saturday, December 1, 2018

Friends Of Unity~ December Blog Hop

Hey there! 
Welcome to Robyn's Nest! 
I cannot believe this, but it has been a full year since we started this blog hop! Our love of Unity Stamp Co has brought a few of us together, and we have all become fast friends! 
So, we decided that December's cue should be
 "Thank You" 
I want to thank the constant supporters of this hop
 and mention my choice of top 3  here in my post..
Even though I appreciate each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart

Rebecca Yahrling &
C G Hundley
 you both comment on MY blog even when I post for CLC,
 so I'm also going to send you a "little something"
 not much, but a thanks for your support!!!Please message me your addresses, ok

and last of my top 3 is....
Cindy Holmes
Cindy!! I love all your sweet, and detailed comments ..
You don't know how encouraging it is for us/me to read them!
 This is my first year of blogging, too, along with being in the Friends Of Unity Blog Hoppers, I am also on the design team at Coffee Loving Cardmakers. Blog comments let me know you like what I'm doing :)
So thank you, Cindy!!
I am going to be sending all 3 of you a stamp set from my's random but I will need for you to message me your addresses on FB messenger,  ASAP and I will get them out on Monday Dec 3rd
I also want to just give a shout out to thank the other ladies who have been with us from the beginning.
.I'd love to send ALL of you a little something, too, but as we have stated before, we are not sponsored by Unity, so all these giveaways are on us.
 The stamps, and shipping costs too!
 We do it because we want to 💕
Dorothy Green
Meghan Kennihan
You both won one of my giveaways~ thanks so much for your support
 Karen Decknick
Meg Crawford
Sue D
Pam Foy
Debbie Hill
Sandra van Blaricum
Wilma G
Arrianna Barbra


OMG, I could just keep going..if your name wasn't mentioned, it's not because I don't notice, because believe me, I DO! I just really need to finish folding towels

So, now that I've taken up all your time, here's my card ~
if any of you would like me to send this card to someone from you, let me know in comments, and I will do a draw for it, and mail it for you :)
With the colors and use of burlap, it could be male or female
The inside is blank, but I will add a post it note if you'd like

We will be back next month for another hop!

Did you arrive at my blog from
if not, click on her name to go see her beautiful card!!
next up is...
Go on and keep hopping
I know of 2 more giveaways out there!
Comment on each blog to be eligible to win~

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

until next time...
Inky Hugs, Robyn

Over 82 Super Sponsors, Unity being one of them with a prize package giveaway worth $193.38 retail
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I have 15 cards in this hop, and 5 at least are made with a Unity coffee cup stamp, or an Angie's Girl.. 
be sure to check out Instagram
you can follow me there @ robyn_nest_
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Disclaimer :
We all on the Friends of Unity design team appreciate every single comment we get.
That's why we use our own stash every month for a giveaway.
 We are NOT sponsored by Unity Stamp Co. But , they do approve of our hop, and that make us all very happy
We started this hop because we love Unity. That's it. This hop is our way of showcasing our cards made with our favorite stamps!!


  1. Girl!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!! Your recognition of supporters and your offer to send your beautiful handmade card. Just wonderful!! Also, I loved your folding towels joke! 😂🤗🤗

  2. Robyn, how generous of you to recognize supporters after a year of blogging! Pretty card!

  3. Very cool hop, and appreciate your explanation of things. Card is nice too!!!

  4. Your card is so pretty. I love the burlap element that you added. I really enjoyed reading your blog today.

  5. Very generous and talented too! Great card!

  6. Love the burlap and kraft paper! Ya know I have an unhealthy obsession with kraft. Lol super card and awesome writing.

  7. So enjoyed the read!!! Your card is so beautiful!!!

  8. Awww... how sweet of you to thank all of the crafty peeps that have followed us through this journey! I love your sweet heart, my friend! Your card is beautiful! I love the combination of kraft with burlap... love the sentiment too! I just love love love your card! <3

  9. Your post was so filled with joy! I loved reading it very much as I sit here and listen to the rain outside this morning. Thanks for such a positive message on such a dreary day here. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Awesome card, btw!

  10. Robyn, I love how you fussy cut the image! Great card!

  11. Oh my, you've made my day with your kindness! And brought me to tears; you're so sweet! So unexpected, thank you. I always enjoy commenting on designer's projects as much as I can. There never seems to be enough time to do so and I probably won't get to comment on all the projects at the CLBH this go around, drats!! lol
    I love the Earthiness of your card with the kraft & burlap with just a hint of color with the pretty flower. Gorgeous design, too. hugs, Becca

  12. Enjoyed your blog! Love the flower!

  13. Congrats! On your one year mark! 🎈Your appreciation of your dedicated followers is heart warming! Love your card I need to track that sentiment down the burlap is a perfect touch! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

    1. Thank you so, so much Sandee!
      The sentiment and the vase of flowers were from the same KOM~ November 2017 :)

  14. Love your burlap card and thanks for a great year

  15. Love this card, the burlap is a great addition!!And thank you, for a year of inspiration!!!!

  16. What a great card! The burlap looks great, an addition that I could easily do. You know me and my clean and simple... ;-)

  17. I LOVE the rustic look of your card Robyn, with the kraft and burlap. I think we were channeling each other with the inking on kraft. And that flower is lovely. Great minds think a like.(lol) And so sweet to thank your supporters. We definitely notice when we see the same names over and over leaving such kind and supportive comments. It definitely is heartwarming. Just wonderful inspiration and I am thankful to you and all the FOU girls. Happy Holidays!

  18. Robyn, I love your card.. The kraft, the burlap 3 little beads. It's so earthy and homey. I love the blue flower, it all goes together so well.

  19. I enjoyed reading your blog and I love this card! The burlap and deep blue look fantastic together! Thank you I’m so happy I found this group!

  20. I loved your post. Hope you got your towels folded 😀 I really like your card and it’s fun that you are putting it up as a prize as well

  21. Pretty card! I love the texture with the burlap!

  22. Congratulations on the one year!

  23. Been a wonderful year for
    seeing your creations. Thank
    you for recognizing your
    followers, a real surprise.
    Love the touch of blue on
    your lovely Kraft card.
    Carla from Utah

  24. So very pretty! Love the kraft and blue!

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  26. Thank you for being so thankful! Wonderful card. Love the texture of the burlap.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  27. Pretty Card! I love the shout out to our thoughtful! And I love, love, love the idea of giving away a card. Great idea!

  28. The burlap gives wonderful texture to your card and you are so sweet to thank all your supporters!

  29. Nice card! Like the burlap - I need to keep in mind to use more texture!! Thanks!

  30. Great Thank You post! Love the card, too

  31. Congrats on a year - I love these blog hops! I love the rustic look of your card with kraft and burlap - so pretty!

  32. What a pretty card. I love using kraft and the burlap adds so much texture and I love the pop of color in the flower. Very nice.

  33. What a wonderful message...thank you for being you! :) If I only had kraft cardstock, I would have enough! Love your card! :) Happy anniversary! ;)

    1. Kim, my favorite cardstock is from
      Papertrey Ink. If you've never bought from them, they have a 2piece each assortment package for only 15.00 you get 2 of each color they sell 72 sheets.. It is the heaviest cardstock I've used. I highly recommend it...their Mix n Mat dies are awesome too :)

  34. Your card is great Robyn! Congratulations on your first year blogging! I'm sure you have enjoyed showing your creations! Merry Christmas! Pam Foy

  35. Robyn you have such a giving heart...loved that you used this post as a way to say thank you to your friends (in addition to giving us some inky inspiration). People don't say thank you enough. I am going to try to do it more too. Happy Holidays.

  36. It's a lovely card! I love the rustic feel and how the blue of the flower works so well together. I didn't know the hop has only been going on for a year. I joined the show & tell November 2017. When I saw the hop the following month I just assumed it had been a long standing thing. I have truly enjoyed the hop and inspiration I find here.

  37. I love burlap on a card! Yours is lovely.

  38. Just gotta love household chores. Lol ... A great card. Loving the burlap. Compliments it perfectly. Thank you for sharing it with us. 😊

  39. The burlap is a great contrast to the blue and green of the flower. Lovely.

  40. Awww!!! Thank you for your sweet words! I'm found this blog hop just 2 month ago and I loved it because I found lot of inspiration!!!
    Love this new card and You can count me for the draw. It would be amazing receiving a card from you.
    Merry Xmas (Buon Natale) from Italy,

  41. Such a pretty card! I am loving the coloring and fussy cutting of the flower & vase, and love the burlap!!! Happy Anniversary to your hop!

  42. Awesome blog post and hop. Thank you for all you do.

  43. Robyn, got my package
    today! I love owls, so
    this stamp was perfect!
    And thank you for all
    the other goodies too.
    Carla from Utah

  44. It looks like I've missed a great year because I just discovered you! But I'm staying because you are SO my style!

    1. YAY!!! I love hearing that!! You have no idea!! Thanks so much!!

  45. Congrats to Friends Of Unity for a year of hopping! Awesome card! I love the colors and the texture from the burlap.